Coopers Pub

Coopers Pub is an Irish bar at 780 Burnamthorpe Road, and a popular location for food, drink, good company and, of course, UFC nights!

Seeing as Coppers is an Irish pub, it might be the perfect place to go if Conor McGregor ever decides to lace up a pair of boots again. That being said, mixed martial arts is quickly becoming the national sport of Ireland, so Coopers is going to be rowdy for every event anyway!

The Tilted Kilt

The Tilted Kilt is something of an acquired taste; it might not be for everyone out there but those who go there, really love it.

The Tilted Kilt is a celtic-themed sports bar with lots of food (they just added a new menu!), craft beer, and the famous Kilt Girls. If you’re after some wings, some great beer, and plenty of screens to watch at one time,

Cities Sports Bar & Grill

Cities Sports Bar & Grill is a relatively low-key bar in the city centre of Mississauga, one that is a lot more old-school than it’s peers.

Cities Sports Bar features pool tables, great food, and a great atmosphere. Many of the cities most popular bars will have a super-youthful customer base, which can irk some people and be off-putting. Particularly if those youths are obnoxious. However, Cities Sports Bar & Grill has a regular customer base that create a good atmosphere but one that is never annoying. UFC nights at Cities is always guaranteed to be fun and you’ll never run into that guy who thinks he can fight in real life.

Game Time

Game Time is the newest location to be featured on this list, but it was born from the ashes of the beloved Wacky Wings. Some people may miss Wacky Wings but those people have clearly never been to Game Time, because this place is maybe the coolest bar in the entire city.

Much like its predecessor, Game Time features sports almost every night of the week, along with incredible wings, games, and great service. Game Time has a ridiculous amount of TV’s throughout the space, so you’ll never miss a moment of the action. UFC 220 is this month, and Game Time is waiting for you!