Eva’s Original Chimney’s

Our last spot on this list goes to a spot that seemingly won’t be around forever, and one with the least options on the menu.

Eva’s Original Chimney’s is a unique ice cream pop-up store in Square One Mall, located near entrance 8 by Sport Chek. The Chimney’s are hard to describe, so I will just show you the official description: Chimneys are a delicious and unique, bread-like freshly baked Hungarian pastries, named after their hollow, cylindrical shape. They have a satisfying crunch on the outside and a soft, fluffy dough on the inside.

Gone are the days when your ice cream was the feast and the cone was a sad follow-up, Eva’s Chimney’s are every bit as delightful as the contents within, and they really do stuff as much into the cone as possible. You might think they a little on the expensive side but believe me when I say these things are like a meal onto themselves. Absolutely incredible, so try it before it disappears.