For the most part Mississauga is a well kept City. Occasionally we need to review our property standards and make sure we are are in compliance.

The Property Standards By-law prescribes the standards of maintenance and occupancy which apply to all property within the City of Mississauga.

All property owners are required to repair and maintain their property in accordance with the standards contained in the By-law. This includes owners of rental residential properties unless there is a specific agreement between the owner and the tenants that assigns responsibility for the maintenance of the property to the tenants.

Examples of the standards that are contained in the Property Standards By-law include:

all structures are required to be structurally sound and all exterior walls, roofs and foundations are required to be free of water leaks and painted or otherwise treated or waterproofed;

the interior and exterior of all buildings must have an adequate level of lighting;

all interior hallways and stairwells of buildings must be kept clean and free of hazards;

all heating, plumbing and mechanical systems and elevating devices must be maintained and operational in good working order;

all dwelling units must be equipped with a refrigerator, stove, hot and cold running water and proper bathroom facilities;

all driveways, walkways, ramps and parking areas on private property must be kept clear of accumulations of ice and snow and free from pot holes;

all land and yards are to be kept clear of inoperative vehicles and grassed and landscaped areas are to be maintained in a reasonable condition;

all waste containers when not placed out for collection in accordance with applicable City and Region of Peel by-laws shall be located in the rear yard, side yard, garage or carport, where space can accommodate it, but shall not be located in a front yard unless authorized by the City.

Any tenant that wishes to register a complaint with the City with regard to the lack of maintenance in his/her dwelling or apartment building should first advise the landlord in writing of their concerns in order to allow the landlord the opportunity to address the maintenance issue first. If these concerns are not addressed adequately a complaint can be registered with the By-law Enforcement office.

Upon receipt of any complaint a Property Standards Officer will investigate the complaint to determine if a violation of the By-law exists. If such a violation is found the officer can issue a Property Standards Order advising the owner of the violation and requiring that it be remedied within the time period specified in the Order. Any owner has the right to appeal to the City’s Property Standards Committee if they are not satisfied with the terms of the Order. The committee can uphold the Order, rescind it, or modify the length of time the owner has to comply.

In the event that an owner fails to comply with a Property Standards Order, City staff have the authority to take action to have the necessary repairs done. Any costs associated with City forces undertaking any such work will be applied to the tax rolls for the subject property.

The maximum fine for failing to comply with a Property Standards Order is $25,000 for an individual and $50,000 for a corporation.

This information is for convenience and quick reference only. For specific information or to register a complaint, contact the Compliance and Licensing Enforcement Section by dialling 3-1-1 (Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.). If calling outside of City limits, please dial 905-615-4311. For an emergency after hours from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. and on weekends and holidays, please dial 905-615-3000.