It Just May Be Good To Know Which Mississauga Stores Sold Winning Lottery Tickets!

There is a reason why lottery retailers post signs proclaiming they sold winning lottery tickets!

Whether right or wrong, many people believe in “lucky places.”  For those who believe that lightening can indeed strike twice in the same place, here is a list of Mississauga retailers that made many Saugans either rich or super rich with a single lottery ticket this year.

Sunny Convenience on Erin Mills Parkway:  A group of eight people won $100,000 in the Lotto 6-49 Encore in January.

Shell on Hurontario Street:  Dimitrios Kikitis won $118,272.60 in the February 23, 2018 Lotto Max draw.

Derry Convenience on Derry Road:  George Haddad won $50,000 in Instant X Money in February.

CNIB lottery kiosk in Walmart on City Centre Drive:  Salvatore Agostino won a $50,000 top prize with Instant Bachelor Bingo (Game #3024) in February.

Terra Foodmart on Dundas Street:  A group of 12 GTA residents won $15,542,241.70 in the March 23, 2018 Lotto Max draw.

Total Convenience on Lakeshore Road:  Michael Matthew, a 64-year-old retired construction worker, won $100,000 with Encore (March 24, 2018 Ontario 49 draw).

Roseborough Convenience on Eglinton Avenue:  Married father of three Luis Monteiro won one of the 25 guaranteed prize draws of $100,000 from the March 31 draw.

Shoppers Drug Mart on Bloor Street:   John Yates won $100,000 in the March 31 Lotto 6/49 Super Draw.

Total Convenience on Lakeshore Road:  Michael Matthew won $100,000 in the March 24 Ontario 49 draw.

Hasty Market on Britannia Road:  Edith Silvera went “Al In” to win the Poker Lotto All In jackpot worth $167,656.10 on March 12, 2018.  (Silvera also won $5,000 on the instant portion of her Poker Lotto play, bringing her total winnings to $172,656.10.)

Dollarcade on Fieldgate Drive:  9 Peel residents won $1 million with Ontario 49 Encore in April.

Rexall on Southdown Road:  Patrick Wilcox won $100,000 with Encore (April 4, 2018 Lotto 6/49 draw).

Winston Churchill Convenience on Winston Churchill Boulevard:  Liwong Chung Ip Chuk San won a $100,000 prize in the May 26 Lotto 6-49 Super Draw.

Shell location on Dundas Street:  Sandra Buszta won $100,000 in the May 26, 2018 Lotto 6/49 draw.

Rabba Fine Foods on Eglinton Avenue:  Mani Sharifi won $138,546 in the May 18 Lotto Max draw.

Esso gas station on Britannia Road:  Thevananth Sunthararajah won $100,000 with Instant Big Money Game Book in May.

Esso on Dixie Road in Mississauga:  Mohammed Al-Jumalii of Mississauga won $100,000 through Instant Cash for Life in May.

Husky gas station on Kennedy Road:  A couple that has been dating for two years has won more than $130,000 in a Lotto Max draw. It was the first lottery ticket they purchased together.

Starbank Convenience Mart on North Service Road:  Maria and Robert McMahon won $100,000 prize with Instant X Money (Game #2050) in May.

Becker’s on Airport Road:  Jugdeep Dhanjal, won $250,000 top prize with Instant Aces High (Game #2061) in May.

Westdale Lottery Services on Dundas Street:  A group of six co-workers from the GTA won $1 million from the June 28, Ontario 49 draw.

Metro on Mississauga Valley Boulevard:  Jose Pelaez won the massive $1 million Maxmillions prize in the June 1 Lotto Max draw.

Evans Variety on Queen Street in Streetsville:  A 74-year-old Mississauga man named John Lewis won $100,000 in the June 6 Lotto 6/49 draw.

“I thought I had won $10, but realized it was much more after checking again,” John said. “After rechecking it a couple more times, it finally sunk in. Then I made myself a cup of tea and enjoyed the winning feeling!”

Who wouldn’t want to experience that “winning feeling”!  And, by the way, according to scientists, lightning can indeed strike a single location more than once. For instance, lightning struck WVAH TV tower in St. Albans, West Virginia, 50 times.  Just sayin’…