Considering a backflow valve? Getting it installed before the Spring runoff is a great decision. When a heavy Spring rainstorm flushes debris into storm sewers, the excess water can also flood sanitary sewers, causing them to backup into a home. Tree roots or grease in a home’s sewer lines can also lead to backups.

A Backwater Valve helps prevent flooding. Installed directly into the sewer pipe in the basement, the valve automatically closes if sewage backs up from the main sewer. But not all Backwater Valves are equal. For example, the plug type is not recommended. While it may prevent water from entering a basement, this type of Backflow Valve allows sewer backup pressure to build beneath a basement floor. This can potentially cause structural damage to a home.

Find out what your insurance policy covers in the event of a sewer back up. And save yourself a possible headache – store valuables off the basement floor.

Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction offers a Handbook for Reducing Basement Flooding at: