Earth Day 2018: Celebrating our Earth and Helping to Protect the Environment

Earth Day takes place on Sunday, April 22nd.  Millions of Canadians of all ages take part in Earth Day activities within their communities.  Earth Day aims to educate and inspire Canadians to achieve solutions to environmental issues.  This includes seeking out ways to take action – to make greener choices in our daily lives and lessen our environmental impact on the earth.

Within your community there are many ways you can participate on Earth Day by changing simple habits towards making more environmentally friendly choices.

Five ways to reduce our carbon footprint so we can have cleaner air, land and water:

Reducing the amount of energy we use

Being more energy efficient will not only lesson pollution, but it will also lower our energy bills.  Start by reducing the amount of electricity and heating you use.  Save energy by investing in a digital programmable thermostat, this will also save you money on heating and cooling.  Other simple ways to reduce energy includes: using LED light bulbs, unplugging electronics and appliances when they are not used regularly, or using a power strip to easily switch off multiple devices at once.

Rethinking our method of transportation

Consider alternatives to driving and make the effort to walk, ride your bike, or rollerblade whenever possible.  If you cannot avoid carbon emissions completely, drive a low carbon vehicle, take public transit, or carpool.

 Drinking filtered water

The amount of plastic waste from bottled water takes a huge environmental toll.  Not only do you have to consider that landfills are growing immensely, but also think about how far your water was been transported to get to your local grocery store.  Bottled water is also startlingly expensive.

Buying foods locally

When you purchase foods that are grown locally and in season, you are helping to cut down on the carbon emissions of the vehicles, which transport produce across the country.  Visit the Port Credit Farmer’s Market to choose from a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables that are grown, harvested and made in Ontario.

Planting Trees

Trees provide us with countless benefits.  Not only do trees create an aesthetically pleasing environment, they also give us shade and oxygen while improving our air quality by absorbing odours and pollutant gases.

Mississauga Earth Days 2018 events:

April 16 to 22: 20-Minute Makeover and E-Waste and Textiles Collection
April 18: Guardians of the Garden Camp Kick-Off, with Earth Day-inspired activities for the whole family
April 20: Litter Awareness Blitz at City Centre Transit, Meadowvale, South Common and Westwood Mall transit terminals
April 21: One Million Trees Earth Day Tree Plantings at Glen Eden Park, Arbor Green and Allison’s Park

April 21: Earth Day crafts and activities at libraries across the city

For more information about Earth Days 2018 and to register for an event, visit:

Mississauga thanks the following partners for being a part of Earth Days 2018:

• Ecosource
• Environmental Action Committee (EAC)
• Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA)
• Credit Valley Conservation (CVC)
• Partners in Project Green
• Diabetes Canada
• Revolution Recycling
• GLAD Canada

To find out more about ongoing environmental projects, visit