Sansotei Ramen

Sansotei Ramen can be found within Square One Mall, and you need to stop-by the next time you’re doing some shopping.

“Sansotei is inspired by traditional ramen from various regions in Japan.We source the highest quality ingredients both locally and direct from Japanese suppliers.Sansotei was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2012 with our first location in the heart of the city. Since then the passion and creativity that we bring to our craft has been well received by a broad clientèle, both critics and foodies alike.”

There are lots of different ramen dishes available, which include ingredients like chashu, egg, bamboo shoots, shitake, black fungus, green onion, ground pork, chilli, and lots more. Sansotei is one of the most popular ramen joints in Mississauga and in one of the most convenient locations. What’s not to like?