Kinton Ramen

Kinton Ramen is one of the places you may actually be familiar with. The restaurant opened its doors last year after a long flirtation with moving to Mississauga. Kinton Ramen was the first authentic ramen bar to open in Toronto, so it’s fair to say expectations were high. The brand is known for its dedicated approach:

“What is significant about our sophisticated, rich, and flavourful soup base is that we create an exquisite harmony, with all the mix of pork bone stock, chicken stock, fish broth, vegetable broth and filtered water.
The signature soup base is made by simmering a large amount of pork and chicken bones for over 20 hours and adding broth of selected quality bonito fish and fresh vegetables. This process creates exceptionally rich flavor: ‘Umami'”

At the restaurant you build your own ramen by choosing the broth flavour, type of noodles, and from 18 toppings. You can find Kinton Ramen at 4026 Confederation Parkway, and you should.