Mississauga is a popular destination for foreigners who move to Canada, or those just visiting.

It’s a hugely multicultural city, which we’ll talk about soon, and most of those immigrants will realize a few things about Canada and Mississauga when they’ve been here for a a short while. Today we’re going to look at a few of the things that jump out to foreigners when they arrive in the city.


The first thing most people will notice when they arrive in Mississauga is the sheer level of diversity.

As is the case with every country, foreigners will have an image in their mind of what it will look like, and Canada is no different. We picture B.C landscapes all over, bears and moose roaming wild, and everyone wearing sweaters and beanies. The truth however is fairly different; Mississauga in particular is a cultural melting-pot with people from all over the world! A quick drive or walk through the city and you quickly realise how diverse the population really is.

Food Options

Carrying on from the diversity of the people in Mississauga, the next logical realization is the variety of food options.

Take Port Credit as the perfect example, the small town has Greek, Irish, Italian, Indian, Mexican, Spanish, Jamaican, Chinese, traditional, and vegan restaurants! That’s an incredible list of diverse food options that represent Mississauga as a whole. Foreigners will immediately notice this because most European and Asian countries don’t have anywhere near the quantity of food options.

Milk In Bags

OK so this one is pretty silly but also true. Without doubt, one of the first things every single foreigner will be baffled by is the milk.

Canada might not be the only country that puts their milk in bags, and not even all of Canada does so, but it’s definitely one of the few that do. Milk traditionally comes in plastic or glass jugs, so when you see a jiggly bag that needs cut open, it definitely takes a little while to get used to!


This is a widely accepted stereotype of Canadians but anyone who comes to Mississauga will quickly realize it’s true.

Having attended school in Ireland for 18 years, I have vivid memories of waiting for a bus to open its door and let everyone on and suddenly it’s a Monty Python skit where everyone is trying to cram through the doors at once and there’s a lot of pushing and shoving. Getting on a bus, a train, or even just waiting in the merch line at a concert in Mississauga is very different; everyone lines-up and waits patiently. It’s certainly a nice change that echoes the politeness of the natives.

Extreme Weather

Another stereotype of Canada is the ridiculous amount of snowfall the country sees every year.

What most foreigners don’t realize however is that the country actually gets three seasons to extreme degrees. Sure Spring might not exist in Canada – Winter lasts until April or May and then Summer comes with a bang – but the Summer months are really hot and Autumn is stunningly beautiful. This makes for a nice change from expectation.

Incredible Views

And now we have a realization that is solely for Mississauga. Don’t get me wrong, other parts of Canada are breathtaking, just look at the earlier example of B.C, however Mississauga is no slouch either.

This is largely due to Lake Ontario that sits at the bottom of the city, cradling Port Credit, Burlington, Hamilton, Toronto and more. The spectacular view from the lake is a huge advantage of living in Port Credit and I was personally shocked when I arrived here about how pretty it was. My friend drove me out to a little area near Clarkson and the view of the lake at night with the skyline of Toronto was incredible. Many Europeans are accustomed to being near the water at all times, which makes Mississauga the perfect destination.