The bucket list is often associated with the experiences you have within your lifetime, but no one thinks of doing the same for the amazing city you’re living in. Well, for those who may not know it already, Mississauga is full of fun adventures you have to do within your lifetime. So here is the Mississauga Bucket list. 

One of the first items on your Mississauga bucket list has to be experiencing the historical glory that is The Franklin House. This spot provides you with a perfect combo of history and fun, as you can have a drink, while taking in the historical beauty around you.

What Makes The Franklin House Bucket List Worthy?

Like I said, there are definitely two aspects to consider: history and fun. So we’re going to break down the two aspects individually.

History At The Franklin House

Franklin House Hotel

For those who are constantly in awe of the history around us, the Franklin House is the perfect ode to this ideal. As not only is the Franklin House located in the heart of the Streetsville area, but has also played its own part within the development of the town.

According to their website, the Franklin House was built in 1855 by William Graydon and Peter Douglas. It was originally built as the private residence of Peter Douglas, who in 1859 went on to sell it to Bennet Franklin, a partner in Barber Brother’s Toronto Woollen Mills. In 1877, the building was converted to a Hotel and then to a Public House which in 1910 under new ownership, was renamed “Queens Hotel”.

In 1927 it ceased to operate as a hotel with the enforcement of the Canada Temperance Act but has continued to be used for commercial purposes. The building is said to have escaped demotion in 1979, thanks to the citizens who wanted to preserve history and heritage. Today The Franklin House is designated and protected under the terms of the Ontario Heritage Act, thus ensuring the historical grandeur of the site is preserved.

Fun At The Franklin House

The Franklin House is not just a historical marvel. As it stands today, this location now serves as a local bar, full of fun and welcoming individuals. There are a number of different events you can join in, from paint nights to enjoying some local music. Where you can see some of the up and coming acts making their name in the music business. This is definitely the spot to check out if you want to have a good time.