Ding Dong the winter’s dead! You can rejoice in the return of plus zero weather and shed whatever animal fur you’ve been wearing these past few months.

Wednesday March 20th marked the official first day of Spring and we want to celebrate! That’s why today we’re giving you a quick and handy guide to the season, and ways you can make the most out of it. And first things first, let’s talk weather.


Around the start of March we had temperatures as low as -9°, and that’s without taking the windchill into account. So it’s pretty surprising and exciting that a mere three weeks later we’re up into the double digits!

Well, that trend is set to continue throughout April, May, and June (for context, the end of Spring is June 21st).

April will feature a low of 5°, and temperatures as high as 16°. The average for the month will be 11°, however that’s mostly due to lower temperatures at the beginning of the month. The forecast is giving a surprising amount of rain however, and even one light snowfall. Sigh.

May will see things really heat up however. The lowest temperature for the month is said to be April’s high, 16°, while the warmest will be a scorching 30°. The average for the month will be 22°, which means summer really is coming early this year!

June marks the last 21 days of spring, but it’s surprisingly not the hottest. May will actually have hotter days that June, however June will be a lot more dependable. The low for the month will be 20°, the high will be 27°, and the average a reliable 23°. After a fairly mild winter, it’s clear we’re getting a very nice summer.


With such great weather on the horizon, we recommend you slap on copious amounts of sunscreen and get outside!

And Mississauga has no shortage of great places to go during the warmer periods, and we’re just gonna list a few that guarantee great views and spots to play games and enjoy a BBQ/picnic.

Kariya Park is located in the city centre of Mississauga, not somewhere you normally associate with nature. In actual fact, Kariya Park is a haven of bliss residing within the concrete jungle. Beautiful cherry trees line the sides of a gorgeous pond, with bridges and seating areas of Japanese architecture. A beautiful spot to walk around on a sunny day.

J.C. Saddington Park in Port Credit is a very popular destination during the hot months of the year. Families, friends, couples, and everyone in between make their way to J.C. Saddington Park every year for the incredible views of Lake Ontario, Toronto, and even as far as Burlington. It’s a hotbed for BBQ’s and sports due to wide open stretches of grass, so bring a ball or a Frisbee and let loose.

The Hancock Woodlands is one of Mississauga’s newest parks, and it’s a four-acre area located near Cooksville. It’s a beautiful hand-crafted park with lots of paths, rain gardens, orchards, shelters, ornamental displays, and more. It’s a nice relaxing area to go, sit, and read a book.


While the fun never truly ceases in Mississauga, it certainly ramps up when the nice weather returns. As such, we’re gonna list a few different places hosting events in the next few months that you should attend. We guarantee days of sun-fuelled fun!.

The Bradley Museum is a fantastic place to go and see some of the best art, installations, and history that Mississauga has to offer. Sure, it’s normally an indoor museum, but throughout April and the beginning of May it’s hosting an incredible outdoor exhibit called Long Division;

This large-scale outdoor installation considers the fence as a marker for exclusion and the boundaries that are drawn around public and private spaces. While barriers are often implicated in larger concerns related to control and power structures, fences can also provide security and sanctuary. Drawing out these tensions, LeuWebb’s site-specific work aims to use the fence as a starting off point to consider how the land around Bradley Museum has been occupied, settled and colonized….The artists further explain that this work “engages in a dialogue with the Bradley Museum site and adds a new critical layer that opens up questions about control, exclusion and inclusion, ultimately seeking to complicate the idea of the fence through subverting its function and formal qualities, inviting the potential for play and participatory structural manipulations.

Terra Cotta Conservation is located in the far north of Mississauga, on Old Derry Road, and it’s a beautiful wooded park that’s hosting its annual Maple Syrup Fest on April 6th. The Maple Syrup Fest is an event where you can get live demonstrations of how to tap trees for maple, entertainment, family-friendly activities, taffy-tasting, and a fresh plate of pancakes. Best of all it’s only $10 for adults and $6.50 for kids over 4.

The Riverwood Conservancy is one of Mississauga’s few nature reserves, and one that openly hosts great events all year round. It’s a very beautiful area that anyone is permitted to walk around and embrace nature in all its glory. As always there are lots of great events you can participate in at Riverwood, like Life Before Dinosaurs, Build A Bee Box, and High Tea. There are more than a dozen events taking place between now and spring’s end, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to experience Riverwood and nature.