Have you ever been rock climbing? If not, you may be surprised to learn that indoor rock climbing is a fun and intense way to workout.

I, for one, never gave the hobby much thought and assumed it would be easy to jump-in and scale a wall. Boy was I wrong. Rock climbing is serious business but one that is a thrill, even when it’s beating you.

Indoor rock climbing consists of bouldering walls, which are large artificial walls with hundreds of colourful hand-holds jutting out. The hand-holds come in various colours, which represent routes to climb and their subsequent difficulty levels. So you might see a nice, big, easy-looking yellow hold, and it will have a strip to indicate that it’s a starting position. On the easier levels, there are usually two holds for hands, and two for feet, as starting points, then you simply look around you for the same colour, and continue to climb. The goal is to reach the same colour at the top of the wall and grip it with both hands before letting yourself fall to the floor. Don’t worry though, the floor is over a foot thick of padding, so it doesn’t hurt to fall on – though if you’re still nervous you can simply climb back down.

You won’t be climbing like this before years of practice

Those are the basics of rock climbing covered, so where can you partake in this awesome pass-time? Well, there are several locations but Cave Rock Climbing is the best Mississauga has to offer.

Located at 1705 Argentia Road, unit #5, Cave is a pretty unassuming building from the outside. Once you enter, you will walk right to the front desk where you can pay for a day’s climbing, or a purchase a membership, then sign a waiver to absolve the facility of any potential broken bones should an accident occur. Next you will have to rent shoes (or bring your own), and then you can go change clothes in the locker room.

What you do next is up to you; you can approach a section of wall and start/try climbing, or you can partake in a class session. Climbing basics class only occurs on Sunday’s, from 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM. That class is perfect for newcomers, aged 7 and up – so unless you come with a friend who has climbed before I recommend taking the class.

Speaking of children, rock climbing is a phenomenal way to keep your kids fit and healthy, one that they will have a blast with. Kids are significantly more flexible and fearless than adults, so don’t be surprised to find yourself struggling on a route, only to see a child walk up and scale the wall like Spider-Man. Children under 12 require an adult to supervise them, and all under 18 require a parent to sign the initial waiver.

There are a variety of payment methods that include day passes and memberships, as well as an introductory special that costs $50 and gets you a 4-week pass, shoe rental, as well as access to the classes. The rest of the prices are as follows:

  • Individual Day Pass – $22
  • Early Check-In Day Pass – $15
  • Family Day Pass (max 2 adults, 2 kids) – $50
  • One-Month Pass – $75
  • Monthly Membership – $60
  • Annual Membership – $600

On top of all that, the Cave also offers an in-house massage therapist, as well as a boot camp with a personal trainer. There are a plethora of options, whether you want to simple try your hand for a single day, take your kids for a day-out, or find yourself a new method of getting fit and in-shape.

Cave Rock Climbing is Mississauga’s finest rock climbing facility and this is an activity that everyone should try out once in their life. It’s one of those rare workouts that is actually enjoyable, so you can get in shape while having a blast by yourself or with your friends. If you find yourself wanting to give in to your evolutionary whims, try rock climbing at the Cave!