Regardless what time of year it is, The Riverwood Conservancy never stops hosting amazing events. Rain, shine, or snow, the Conservancy is one of Mississauga’s most active organisations.

We’re right in the middle of a soaking wet November as we speak, but Tuesday the 13th marks a pretty special day at The Conservancy. At the Chappell House, resident speaker Jim Taggart will give a special presentation on Medical Advancements and The Great War.

The Great War is often overshadowed by World War II, which came a mere 21 years later and was significantly longer and more bloody. Without delving into a full history lesson, the first World War is an incredible time period that changed almost everything about life on Earth. Not the least of which was the changes to medicine; the horrors of the war forced the hand of the medical industry to advance quickly and inspired many to become doctors and nurses.

“Medicine has always advanced because of the battlefield, and the First World War certainly presented new medical challenges. To paraphrase Hippocrates, ‘war was the proper school for a surgeon.'” Reads the description from the Riverwood website, and gives a teaser for what Jim Taggart’s presentation will entail.

The event takes place on the 13th of November, from 7 pm until 8:30 pm. In even better news, it’s free for everyone! Head to this link to register and, if you feel like, make a donation so that Riverwood can continue to hold great events like this. So come to the Chappell House, at 4300 Riverwood Park Lane, on Tuesday night for a real slice of history!