There’s a little area just east of Port Credit, right on the lakefront, right by the lakeview water treatment plant. It’s right next to Douglas Kennedy Park and Lakeview Park; just a flat, unused area of grass. Well, it won’t be that way for much longer.

The entire area will soon make way for the Lakeview Village, which is being built by TACC Construction Limited, Greenpark Group, CCI Development Group of Companies, Branthaven Homes, Argo Development Corporation, as well as by over a dozen different design companies. Suffice to say it’s going to be a massive undertaking, and here is the objective:

“Reconnecting the community through a diverse mix of residential offerings, as well as institutional, cultural, office and retail spaces. Sustainability is the key foundation of the new community, both through its design, as well as the mix of uses, public spaces and diverse programming that will be implemented at Lakeview Village.”

So the above images are concept art of what the Lakeview Village will look like when it’s completed. Construction on the area is to begin next year and it’s going to look spectacular.

There will be town houses and high-rise buildings, resulting in 8,000-10,000 units for housing. Meaning there will be somewhere in the region of 20,000 people living in the area! Perhaps even better news, the area will create upwards of 5,000 new jobs, thanks to 185,000 square feet of retail space. There will also be acres available for school campuses and cultural art and such.

The Lakeview Village area will essentially be an extension of Port Credit, making the Lakeshore area even nicer. The new Village is going to be one of the nicest places in the entire city and a living community for thousands of new residents.

The Lakeview Village is not the only development happening along Lakeshore right now, meaning in ten years the entire area from Long Branch to Clarkson will be borderline unrecognisable, but in a good way! We can’t wait to see the area rise from the dirt and be another jewel in Mississauga’s crown!