Need a place to work that isn’t your home and isn’t your office? Also want to sneak in a quick workout but can’t find the time to everything in life? Well we have some great news for you!

Co-working spaces have become rather popular in the past few years, why there’s even around a dozen in Mississauga already, however a first-of-its-kind work space just opened in the city centre.

Whitehall Offices just recently opened a shiny new co-working space at 100-4310 Sherwoodtowne Boulevard. The 13,800 square foot space offers members private and shared work spaces in a clean, minimalist environment that is open 24/7. As if that wasn’t appealing enough to hard-workers out there, the space also boasta a kitchen and fitness centre for all members.

The fitness centre represents a unique opportunity for members to hit the weights, or the treadmill, after a long day of work. The gym is fairly small but has all of the essentials, from bikes to bench press machines, squat racks, free weights, and more. There’s definitely enough to get you in shape while you get your work done. Two birds with one stone as they say.

While the facility is indeed open to member 24/7, the premises are only staffed from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. If you’re interested in the work space/gym, you can either rent a shared desk for $17 a day or rent a premium dedicated desk for $399 a month. If you aren’t sold on the entire thing, you can book a tour on the company website and check it out for yourself. If you need to work on a group project, this is probably the best place to come outside of your school or office.

If you live in the downtown area and work a demanding job, a space like this is a fantastic opportunity for you to get your work done in a different enviornment, get in workout, and even make some social connections; the Whitehall Offices hosts a monthly networking event for members, hosts professional development series sessions, and offers a member directed “Lunch &Learn” series.

So if you need a new space to work, work-out, and work uninterrupted, check out Whitehall Offices in the city centre!