Mississauga As Part Of The Region of Peel To See Significant Growth In The Next Two Decades

The Region of Peel government says it is expecting 500,000 new residents and 250,000 new jobs to come to the MississaugaBramptonCaledon area by 2041.

This means that in the next 23 years, Peel will become home to two million people.  This anticipated explosion in growth needs careful, proactive planning.

And planning has been going on.  The Region of Peel’s Growth Management Strategy has been in the works since 2013.  A significant influx of people calls for a major strategy to support it — i.e., to establish ways to create and finance complete, sustainable communities in the region for all people to live, work and play.

The Region of Peel has been—and continues to be—in consultation with local municipalities and other stakeholders in the region, pursuing “an integrated approach to planning, servicing and financing growth.”  Last month, Peel held open houses in Mississauga Brampton, and Caledon to update everyone on the official plan.

The plan provides a framework for guiding decisions on future growth and development in the areas of employment, health and housing, infrastructure, the environment and natural resources, among others.

Peel expects to add 250,000 jobs over the next two decades, mainly in manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, wholesale trade, technology, and pharmacare.  Getting people to work and back home —transportation and infrastructure—is an important part of the plan.

Peel is budgeting $9 billion in spending, which includes $6 billion in new infrastructure. The region is developing a Long-Range Transportation Plan and a Water and Wastewater Master Plan, which are forecasted to cost $4 million. Those two expenditures comprise the larger portion of the budget.

While many factors affect population levels (demographic shifts, birth and death rates, etc.), a major reason for the rapid population growth in the Peel region is increasing immigration to southern Ontario.

What prompts people to relocate, emigrate or immigrate to a region?  Job and educational opportunities, standard of living, diversity and community life.

In other words, an upsurge in population in a place is a reflection on the desirability of that place.   As one of the three municipalities of the booming Region of Peel, Mississauga shares the merit of being a sought-after place to live.