It was a grand, national competition for a share of $950 million in federal funding, and Mississauga is part of one of the 5 winning teams.  What it ultimately means is that Sauga’s manufacturing industry will likely see a revved up jobs growth.

In May 2017, the federal government launched a competition for industry leaders from select sectors all over Canada.  The task for the competition was to propose “superclusters” (dense areas of an industry’s businesses collaboration, much like the Silicon Valley in California) of technological innovation that would create jobs and spur economic growth.

The applicants had to be consortiums of small and large businesses, research institutions and other groups led by a big industry player that could match the public funds won in the competition.

Fifty proposals were submitted to the government, and there were five winners, spread evenly across Canada.  Mississauga was part of Ontario’s Toronto-Waterloo Corridor “Building an Advanced Manufacturing” Supercluster bid.  The proposal was led by auto parts manufacturer Linamar and included companies, municipalities and post-secondary institutions from across the GTA.

The proposal outlined a plan to “Supercharge manufacturing competitiveness in Canada by building an Industry 4.0 ecosystem. Drive collaboration between technology and manufacturing sectors to create and diffuse new solutions by scaling production and speeding adoption.”

On Feb. 15, Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development and MP for Mississauga-Malton, announced that the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor won the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster Bid.  The area was awarded roughly $230 million in funding.

A new organization made up of a network of private and public-sector organizations, named New Generation Manufacturing (NGM) Canada, will lead the initiative.

“Using a hub and spoke model, our strategy aims to ensure manufacturers and technology firms have access to all of the resources they need to be successful,” said Myers NGM Canada CEO, Jayson Myers.

This funding win is indeed welcomed news for Mississauga’s manufacturing companies— and equally so for the city’s job seekers!