Will Fonesca Be Out Of The “-woods” Come October 22?

By:  Monica Kucharski

Mississauga’s “-woods,” as the neighbourhoods of Garthwood, Applewood, Rockwood and Fleetwood in the east-central part of the city are affectionately referred to, make up much of Ward 3.  Chris Fonesca has been the “-woods” and area councillor since 2010.

Back in January, Fonesca was one the first candidates announce that she is running to keep her council seat.  “I am running again. It’s been an honour to serve the community and I look forward to doing so for another four years,” she said.

When Fonesca ran in 2014, she won by a greater plurality than in the 2010 election when she took 70 per cent of the votes in a race to replace the long serving Maja Prentice, who retired after 25 years on City Council. In 2014, Fonesca garnered 78.1 per cent, the biggest margin of victory in Mississauga.

Fonseca credited her 2014 victory to staying focused on fiscally responsible leadership, making smart decisions on spending, and listening to the feedback of her residents.

Judging by the number of community groups and initiatives Fonesca is involved with, improving the lives of Saugans features prominently on her list of priorities.

She volunteers her time with the Trillium Hospital, Peel Neighbourhood Services, Services for Seniors, Peel Youth Leadership through Sport, and with the Special Olympics.

Since being elected Councillor for Ward 3, she has worked closely with the United Way of Peel, Big Brother/Big Sisters of Peel as well as the Mississauga Food Bank and Youth organizations.

Some of Fonesca’s initiatives to date include: Neighbourhood WatchesComputer Buddies linking seniors and youth, the Mississauga Summit focusing on neighbourhood development, The Snap initiative with the TRCA and healthy living with involvement in the Ward bike rides; MIAG fitness classes; and Childhood Obesity through Transform Nation.


As in every ward in Mississauga, things are changing in Ward 3.  There are planned developments at Rathburn and Ponytrail, 1355 Sliverspear, 971 Burnhamthorpe, 1750 Bloor, 1715 Audubon Blvd.  There is also the looming major transformation of Dundas Street into the Dundas Corridor.  Fonesca has been holding public meetings to get the residents’ feedback on the massive changes planned for this busy, major city artery.

Three candidates have registered to challenge the incumbent in Ward 3:  Arshad Hashmi, Khawar Hussain, and Robert Kielek.  Click on the highlighted names to learn about these political candidates’ priorities for the Ward.

Some might say that given Saugans’ proclivity to vote for city council incumbents, and Chris Fonesca’s own 7-year strong record, chances are that she will not be out of the “-woods” come October 22—literally, and figuratively, as championing for residents of her ward and Mississaugans at large in the face of weighty challenges that await her in City Council, will continue.