Food lovers rejoice! The Mississauga Central Lions Club Farmer Market is back for its 44th year!

The Farmers Market is a wonderful staple of Mississauga life, as it brings fresh fruit and vegetables to Celebration Square each week until October! Here’s a little bit about the event from the official website:

From farm country to city centre, this summer eat fresh and shop local at Celebration Square. Farmers will be offering a broad variety of items including homemade preserves, baked goods, honey, locally produced wine, and the finest selection of Ontario fruits and vegetables in the city. This Lions Farmers Market is a charitable service project supporting numerous Mississauga and global community projects since 1975.

Lions Farmer Market Celebration Square

So every Wednesday, fro 9 AM to 5 PM, you can get some great, organic fruit and veggies in the heart of the city. Besides knowing you’re getting some great foods and supporting local farmers, you can also rest easy knowing the market is a charitable one where the proceeds go to supporting projects around the city.

Our Lions Club has operated our Farmers Markets as a fundraiser in Mississauga since 1975. In that time we have raised and donated well over five Million dollars to our community. Shopping at our Farmers Markets is a healthy decision not only for you, but for our community’s economy as well.  For every dollar spent at our Market, another two dollars ripple through the provincial economy.  In Ontario alone, sales at Farmers Market total almost $500 million, leading to an economic impact of an astounding $1.5 billion!

So from June 5th until mid October, you will be able to get all your natural foods at the Lion Clubs Farmers Market near Square One. Make the most of the market while it lasts, and be sure to grab some of the homemade baked goods, they are incredible!