A brand new art show is making its way to Mississauga on November 21st and it’s one you won’t want to miss!

Limitless is an art show coming from Montreal to Mississauga’s Hammerson Hall at the Living Arts Centre. It’s an amazing musical dance act that is fun for all ages. Check out the official description below:

ILL-ABILITIES™ brings Limitless to Mississauga! ILL-ABILITIES™ is an International Breakdance Crew comprised of eight dancers (bboy/breakers) from around the world. Once they started performing together, the dancers of ILL-ABILITIES™ quickly realized their potential to inspire audience members with their positive attitudes and unique dance moves so they expanded their goal. Today, ILL-ABILITIES™ spreads positive thinking by sharing their stories with motivational entertainment programs and theatrical dance performances worldwide.

The “ill” in ILL-ABILITIES™ does not refer to “sick” or “unwell” but rather to incredible, amazing, intricate, talent. Rather than seeing the negative limitations of “disability”, this dance crew focuses on their positive, or “ill”, abilities.

Not only is the event a showcase of incredible dance talent, it’s also an inspiration of positivity and achieving anything you set your mind to. A great influence for young kids!

The dance act has been around since 2007, and been nominated for awards. Their 70 minute show is an incredible feat of human ability. For those with an interest in dance, hip-hop, and all things physical art, this is the show for you.

The show will also feature music from Frost Flow, Fresh FX, and DJ Andy B-Bad, and those looking to participate in the event can sign up at the Hammerson Hall between 6 and 6:30 PM. For those interested in simply attending, tickets cost $25-$45 and can be purchased here.