If you’ve even had an interest in nature or fishing, the Riverwood Conservancy has a perfect opportunity for you to learn the basics.

On Tuesday January 9th, everyone will meet at Riverwood’s Chappell House at 7 PM, where instructor Pat Kelly will take you to Credit River and begin the lesson. Kelly will teach you about fishing opportunities in the Credit River watershed, as well as the rules and regulations that have to be followed when you’re out on the banks.

“The types of fish, from salmon and trout to panfish, will be presented. Fishing techniques will be demonstrated and the pros and cons of the various styles will be discussed. Do not bring worms or a frying pan!” That description comes from the Riverwood Conservancy’s official website and it certainly sounds like a heck of a lesson from a pro.

Fishing 101 takes place a few times a year at the Riverwood Conservancy but winter is often the best time to do so because the fish are more keen to bite for reasons I don’t pretend to understand. If you have any interest, Fishing 101 is a perfect opportunity to wet your feet (pun intended) and perhaps take a friend or your child to learn a fun hobby.

The event will run from 7 PM to 8:30 PM, and you can register here on the website. Remember to wear lots of layers and maybe bring a flash of tea, hot chocolate or coffee. So come out on January 9th and begin your career as an angler!