One could argue that Mississauga doesn’t need any new restaurants…but one clearly hasn’t tried Kinton Ramen.

The incredibly popular Toronto ramen restaurant is on its way to Mississauga after a couple of years of high hopes from both hungry citizens and the owners of Kinton Ramen.

The highly-anticipated restaurant will open its doors sometime in 2018, having secured a great spot in the fast-growing Parkside Village area of the city centre. Not only is the arrival of Kinton Ramen a treat for those who’ve tried and loved the brand, but Mississauga has been lacking in the ramen department and this will give it a real shot in the arm.

You might be wondering what exactly ramen is though, and I’m happy to answer: ramen is a noodle-dish, served in a meat or fish broth, topped with sliced meat of your choosing. Kinton Ramen makes sure to get the dish authentic as they brew the broth for over a day, using pork bone, chicken, fish or vegetables.

That might not sound too appealing but I’m not the world’s most adventurous eater and I’ve loved all of my ramen experiences. One of the most appealing aspects of ramen is that element of choice; Kinton Ramen in particular provides a menu that allows patrons to create their dish, step-by-step, from broth, to flavour, to noodle, to topping and beyond.

Throw in a great bar, tapas, and dessert menu and you’ve got yourself a welcome addition to the already thriving Mississauga food scene. We can’t wait until Kinton Ramen opens their latest location in Mississauga and we recommend you start waiting in line for your bowl!