As you’re likely well aware, we here at YourSauga love to celebrate events in the city. In fact, we think one of the very best things about the summer in Mississauga is the myriad of awesome cultural events that celebrate various countries and the nationalities that make-up the city.

And one of the foremost ancestries that make-up the cultural spectrum in Mississauga is Italian. There’s a huge Italian population in the city, and it should come as no surprise that one of the longest-running and biggest events in Mississauga is ITALFEST.

Experience the splendour of Italy at Mississauga ITALFEST! Named one of FEO’s Top 100 Festivals in Ontario, Mississauga ITALFEST is a free two-day festival that celebrates Italian heritage and culture through music, food, arts, history, landscape, and traditions. […] Explore Italian history and the region of Basilicata highlighting its ancient city of Matera, named UNESCO World Heritage Site for 2019 including displays of art, photography, food demos, tastings, music and various artifacts specific to the area in our popular Heritage and Cultural Centre. Revel in a unique, cultural experience for all ages.


ITALFEST 2019, just like in the past, will take place at Mississauga’s Celebration Square on Friday, August 16th. The event is, always, free to everyone and will bring together Italians from across the GTA and beyond.

There will be more food than any one man could stomach from more than 50 vendors and cooking demonstrations to teach the old ways. As well as musical acts from Canadians and authentic Italians like Mauro Gazzola, Andy De Campos, Daniel Monte, and so many more. There will also be entertainment acts as well as great pass-times and events like pasta and watermelon eating contests, Bocce, Scopa, and Briscola tournaments.

ITALFEST 2019 is sure to be an incredible event, just like those of years past. We’ll be there on August 16th and 17th, from 5 PM on the 16th and 10 AM on the 17th, and we hope to see you as well!