Winter may be fast approaching and, while that means outdoor activities are ceasing for the foreseeable future, it means indoors becomes a lot more enticing. Which is a very roundabout way of saying, art installations are much more appealing at this time of year, and there’s one happening this weekend that is must-see!

The Small Arms Inspection Building continues to announce itself as the foremost purveyor of modern art in Mississauga. The society is regularly organising events each month at its unique space at 1352 Lakeshore Road East. The next such event begins on Thursday November 8th, and here is the official announcement:

By day and evening from November 8-10 In Situ 2018 will again celebrate the potency of creativity in defining “place”; an opportunity to reconsider, redefine and reclaim. In Situ will again invite artists and audiences to explore our new situation: a beautifully restored open space surrounded by industrial windows.

In Situ is, in a way, the perfect exhibit for the Small Arms Inspection Building. It’s an installation that is all about redefining space and re-purposing it. About turning something old into something new and creative. The artists involved in the project will transform the building into a place of multiple art forms. This isn’t the first In Situ event though, and here’s what the Society had to say about the previous event:

In 2016, we held Mississauga’s first multi arts festival, In Situ. It was a hugely successful event that was hosted at the CreativeHub1352. At the time, 1352 Lakeshore Road E, was in a dilapidated and forgotten state.  In Situ 2016 drew more than 2000 community members, students and adults, into this captivating space, just ahead of the City of Mississauga taking over the property and embarking on the first phase of redevelopment. Two years later, Small Arms Society remains committed to the process as community-based stewards of this beloved building, a role recognized with municipal operating funds.

This weekends event is the second In Situ event, following the success of 2016’s installation. If you’d be interested in going, click this link to buy tickets.

So come to the Small Arms Inspection Building on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, and embrace the provocative spoken word, paintings, and exhibits of In Situ!