There will be changes to waste collection schedules as a result of Christmas Day: Monday December 25, 2017 and New Year’s Day: Monday January 1, 2018. Waste will be collected as per the schedule below:

Keep the Collection Area Accessible:
Please be advised that all waste must be set out at the collection point for pick up before 7:00a.m. on your scheduled collection day. There must be clear unobstructed vehicular access to the collection area. It is the owner’s/superintendents responsibility to ensure the collection area is fully cleared of snow and ice and salted during winter months. The collection area must also have proper signage and be kept clear of parked vehicles, bulky items, and white goods.


Flatten Cardboard:
Card board is not scrap material. It must be recycled in a front-end recycling bin or placed beside the semi-automated blue recycling carts. It must be flattened with dimensions not to exceed 90 cm by 90 cm (36 in. by 36 in.).


For any additional information on waste management, please visit