A long-awaited restaurant that is massively popular in downtown Toronto, will finally open its doors in the next month.

Kinton Ramen, an authentic Japanese restaurant and bar, will soon open its doors at 4026 Confederation Parkway. The restaurant will open up, not far from the Central Library, in the Parkside Village area of the city centre.

Kintom Ramen started life in Japan, before moving to Korea, and then Canada. The first location opened in Canada with a Toronto store in 2012. Since 2012, the brand has opened eight stores throughout Ontario, and one in Montreal. The Confederation Parkway location is the first to open in Mississauga!

You may have figured it out from the name, but Kinton Ramen specialises in soup and noodles. The restaurant uses pork and chicken for most of its ramen bowls, and it cooks its meats for over 20 hours in their hand-made broth. That means you’re getting incredibly tasty meats, made fresh every day!

On the menu you can expect a handful of varying chicken and pork ramen bowls, as well as vegetarian ramen. You get to choose your meat and broth, thickness of noodle, then add extra toppings like sweetcorn, butter, eggs, seaweed, or bean sprouts. On top of that, you can also grab hot and cold tapas, rice, karaage, and desserts – if you’re getting a dessert I recommend the matcha cheesecake, it’s healthy and delicious! Kinton Ramen also offers draft beer, sake, canned and bottled beer, cocktails, wine, and soft drinks.

Kinton Ramen is arguably the very best ramen restaurant in all of Toronto, and it brings that level of quality and prestige to Mississauga. The restaurant was originally scheduled to open in winter 2018 but the grand opening has been pushed way up to late May/early June. So get your chopsticks ready, because Mississauga’s ramen scene is about to change!