By George Kipling


We are all aware – and if we are not, then we should be – that although all individuals are created equally, that not all of us are given the same hand to play. There are some, more than we’d like to believe, who have to survive while being plagued by circumstance that are far more dire than those of others.


Even though the saying goes “pull yourself up by your bootstraps”, the question that should be asked is “What if one doesn’t have bootstraps to pull themselves up by?” That’s a situation which many – even in Mississauga – face on a daily basis. Food, clothing and shelter? Well some don’t have a shelter for themselves, so that begs the question – how you they strive to obtain the other two? How can they make a living to provide themselves (and their families with food and clothing), if they don’t have a home, a place to reside to enable them to do so.


Fortunately, a portion of the female population in the Mississauga – Halton region are giving their best efforts to try and change the fortunes of those right in their own backyard. The “Women Build” event will be held their Malton Build Project located at Merritt Ave., and the objective is to provide eight homes for hardworking, lower income families in Mississauga who are in need of safe and decent place to live.




To all the females who would like to be a part of this great event, please note that experience in construction is not necessary. All safety gear (hats, boots, etc.) will be provided, and On Site Supervisors and Crew Leaders will be present to instruct the volunteers. You just need to show up and register and then you can start building.


It’s a simple 3 step process

  1. Register (can do so as an individual or a team of 10)
  2. Choose a day to build (act fast as the number of spaces are limited)
  3. Fundraise (every dollar counts!)

For further information regarding Women Build and Habitat For Humanity in the Mississauga region please see the websites, phone numbers and email addresses listed below.


Phone: 905-637-4446



Restore Locations

Burlington: 905-637-4446 ext. 427

Milton: 905-693-0444 ext. 427

Mississauga: 905-828-0987 ext. 427



Thanks to all who volunteer, donate and/ or help out assist in any manner, it goes without saying it is greatly appreciated.