Go Transit is about to get a little more… ruff.

The fine folks over at Metrolinx are now granting a long-requested wish from citizens across the GTA. From July 20 to October, Metrolinx will launch a pilot project that allows Go Transit users to bring two leashed dogs on the train with them!

On weekdays, commuters will be allowed a maximum of two dogs between 9:30 AM and 3:30 PM, then again from 6 PM until the end of service. This means the plans during rush hour are a little different; dogs will still be allowed on board during rush hour, but they must to be in a carrier that fits in your lap or under your seat. This means rush hour will be predominantly for little pups.

As for weekends and holidays, leashed dogs will be allowed on the train all day long, no rush hour restrictions. Naturally, if your dog makes any unfortunate mistakes on the trains, you will be expected to pick it up, so bring some bags with you. There is no word on whether or not there will be a fine for leaving doggy doo on the train but one would assume that would be the case!

This new doggie project is a result of a petition by local dog owner Kimberly Flemming. Last August, Flemming started her journey by asking Metrolinx to update its pet policy – which did seem a little outdated. Her petition received over 25,000 signatures!

Clearly there’s a big desire for pet owners from Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Oakville and beyond, to bring their dogs with them as they go. So, next time you hop on a train bound for somewhere, you can take your best friend with you, and expect to see a few more as well!