Erin Mills has done a fantastic job of providing entertainment all summer long for kids and families. Well, the fun isn’t over yet, as Erin Mills Town Centre will be hosting a free reptile show and mobile zoo this weekend!

The free reptile show is thanks to Reptilia – Canada’s largest indoor reptile show, which is located right here in Ontario. The fine folks at Reptilia will be bringing a selection of its finest lizards, snakes, tortoises and more. There will be up to 20 enclosure exhibits on display, and you’ll be able to get real close to them!

The mobile zoo will take place within Erin Mills Town Centre, at the centre court, and the event is free for everyone. At first, families and those interested in reptile life, can watch the live show from the Reptilia experts. Once the show is over, children will get the chance to get up-and-close with the wonderful animals, even getting to hold and pet them.

If your children love animals, the reptile zoo is a great way to introduce them to animals they’d normally never get to see in daily life. Whether it’s a slimy snake or a dry tortoise, your kids definitely won’t forget getting to touch them and will tell all their friends about it when school resumes.

The Reptilia Mobile Zoo comes to Erin Mills Town Centre on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19. The event is free for all and takes place at 4 PM in the middle of the mall. It’s a great way to see some unique animals, and a lot easier (and cheaper) than heading to the zoo. So come to Erin Mills this weekend and play with some incredible reptiles!