Was there a time, maybe at some point in your life you had dreams of being Ringo Starr (from the Beatles), Keith Moon (from the Who), Alex van Halen (from Van Halen), Tommy Lee (founding member of Motley Crue), Dave Grohl (from Nirvana and then the Foo Fighters) or if you are a little younger Travis Barker (from Blink 182)?

“Why” you ask? Well ask yourself, what do they all have in common? Despite being members of legendary bands? They all played the role of drummer in each outfit.

So if you have dreams of stardom, are looking to start a band, improve your current ability when it comes to playing the drums or would just like to pick up a new hobby, the chance is now currently available to you, and not only that, it is available at no cost. You read it correctly – it’s free.

If you reside in Mississauga, Peel Region – or anywhere in the vicinity – or  even if you can and are willing to come out, you can receive free drum lessons, on a weekly basis, no matter your age. This will take place throughout the fall of 2018, every Wednesday for 90 minutes, from 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM, culminating with its final class/ lesson on Boxing Day (Dec. 26, 2018).

According to the promotion you will be able to learn from the world’s best judges and instructors Doug Stromach (Snare) and Kyle Heany (Tenor & Bass) and the equipment that will be used are St. Andrews Pipes and Drums.

Again it’s free and for all ages, so what do you have to lose? Certainly not any money. So that’s every Wednesday and all information (location, contact, website, etc.) is provided below.

Drum Lessons

Port Credit Legion

35 Front Street North

Mississauga, ON, L5H 2E1

Information for GPS:

Latitude: 43.55107

Longitude: -79.59154

Contact Info:


For more information, full schedule, recurring dates please go to: