Mississauga Joins 600 Cities Across North America In Opening Their Doors To Popular Food Delivery Service DoorDash

On-demand services are booming, and one of the latest additions to Mississauga is an online food delivery service, DoorDash.  The food you crave, when you want it, how you want it and where you want it, just a click away.

DoorDash has the same business model as Skip The Dishes (already serving Mississauga neighbourhoods) or UberEats.  It’s a tech company that connects customers with local restaurants, and delivers the order to the door.  DoorDash currently operates in more than 600 cities across North America, and the Halton and Peel regions— with Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and Burlington—are the company’s latest area of expansion.

Mississauga residents can order DoorDash between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.  Whether it’s high-end restaurant fare from Michael’s Back Door in Clarkson, or a burger from The Burger Priest or A&W, the company promises to have the goods delivered to you within an hour.  (Heck, you can even have your Starbucks Café Mocha delivered to your door, should you be unable or unwilling to partake in the iconic coffee culture and ambiance of the venue itself.)

How does the company differentiate itself from other on-demand food delivery companies?  According to the company, “DoorDash offers the best in terms of speed, selection and customer service. Typical deliveries arrive at your doorstep within an hour or less, and we offer the largest selection of local and national restaurants to choose from. We’re also committed to making delivery delightful every time — for restaurants, customers, and Dashers. This goal informs everything we do, from the markets we enter to the interface of our app, to our smart routing system for Dashers that takes into account food prep time, delivery distance and other variables to ensure that food arrives perfectly presented.”

Why is DoorDash launching their services in the Peel and Halton regions now?  “This has been one of the most requested areas for DoorDash delivery across the greater Toronto area, so we are excited to finally be making it a reality,” says the company.

DoorDash has 1,000 restaurants participating in Mississauga.  Delivery fees at launch time in February ranged from free to $2.99.  The app is available on both Android and iPhone devices.

So, Mississaugans, now you have another option for your favourite food to be “dashed” to wherever you are.  Just click, receive, and “Bon Appetite!”