Ever Thought of Learning How To Sail?  Port Credit’s Lakefront Promenade Has A Club You Should Check Out.

Mississauga is fortunate to have a great waterfront lined with parks and trails for residents to walk, hike or bike along them, taking in the fabulous view of Lake Ontario.

That view gets even more magical when the sail boats come out in the spring, and the shimmering blue water is dotted with billowing white sails.  That’s when the thought of how wonderful it would be to be on the water enjoying the slow ebb and flow of the lake’s waves, occurs to many who visit the waterfront.

Well, as they say, it’s never too late to learn.  Located in Lakefront Promenade Park in the city’s Port Credit neighbourhood, Mississauga Sailing Club not only offers a clubhouse, boats storage, and races for boat owners and expert sailors, but also programs for novices and non-boat owners.

The club’s Discover Sailing 2018 program promises to make competent sailors out of the more “mature” hopefuls, in just 12 hours.  “You’ll learn how to rig, launch, and confidently command any small sailing craft. You’ll know the rules of the road. Most of all you’ll know (and you’ll have practiced) what to do when the boat doesn’t behave. Never again will you be just a spectator of other peoples’ summer.”

For parents wanting their kids to start experiencing the joy of sailing right now, the program promises not only to teach the youngsters the navigation of a small sailing craft in 5 days, but also teach them other important skills:  “…you’ll see them develop adult confidence. Running a boat is fantastic fun, but it’s also a serious responsibility. Your child will learn how to take charge, make decisions, and allocate workload. They’ll know how to react with practiced calm and confidence to emergencies.”

The Mississauga Sailing Club has been promoting and encouraging interest in all classes of dinghy sailing within Mississauga since 1972.  Their focus is on sailboats less than 21 feet in length which allows for affordable entry into sailing. According to the club’s website, their “facilities are world-class with a new clubhouse bustling with activity year-round, a secure fenced dinghy park, and protected launching facilities which allow quick and easy access to a sheltered bay and the open water.”

So, once spring is finally here, those charming flotillas often seen from the shores of Mississauga’s Lakefront Promenade Park, J.J. Claus Park, or J.C. Saddington Park among others, will most likely be Mississauga Sailing Club’s “low-stress” races, or dinghy regattas, or fleet cruises to one of those lakefront parks.

And maybe your family will be taking part in some of these quintessentially summertime diversions?