4188 Living Arts Drive is a location that has been home to a number of businesses over the years. It was most commonly known as Spin, a dessert cafe which then changed its name to Bliss. After three years in business, the dessert cafe was forced to shutter its doors and it has remained that way since later 2017.

Well, 4188 Living Arts Drive is breathing with new life again, because a brand new Asian restaurant has sprang up within. Cha Me. Cha is the new Taiwanese restaurant and bubble tea connoisseur that will be providing those in the city centre with nourishment. So let’s hear a little about its story:

Cha Me. Cha comes from the word “TEA” in Taiwanese.

A flourishing tea tree results from loving care, cultivating and harvesting finest tea leaves by the tea farmers. A cup of fine and aromatic tea results from the amount of tea used, adequate timing and temperature of brewing. Cha Me. Cha brings you the tradition of Taiwanese food and beverage blending in with the Western culture, allowing customers to experience the ambiance of Cha Me. Cha.

food asian restaurant Cha Me

The restaurant opened its doors a few weeks ago and, now that it’s had time to breathe, we can report that it’s worth a visit. It’s a nice, clean restaurant with beech wood finishing and large windows with lots of natural lighting.

As for the menu, Cha Me. Cha offers hot pots, noodles, soups, kids meals, brick toast, grass jelly, Taiwanese dessert, snow ice cream, snacks, rice dishes, and more. You’ll find traditional dishes like crispy chicken and rice, to more unique ones like sausage with minced pork and noodle soup.

Of course the food is only half of Cha Me. Cha’s business, as it also specialises in beverages. If you’re a fan of bubble tea, there’s more than two dozen options available, and the same can be said for organic tea, fruit tea, and slush drinks. There’s genuinely probably close to 100 drinks on offer at Cha Me. Cha.

So next time you find yourself in the city centre with a hankering for some Taiwanese food or a deep thirst for some bubble tea, make sure to check out Cha Me. Cha.