The celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary continues as we sit down for a talk about climate change at the Riverwood Conservancy.

On Thursday October 19th, Professor Igor Lehnherr shares the story of how the watershed of Lake Hazen, which is the world’s largest lake north of the Arctic Circle, and the impact that climate change has had on its ecosystem in the past few centuries.

Professor Igor Lehnherr is an assistant professor at the University of Toronto, who received his PhD from the University of Alberta in environmental biology and ecology. Lehnherr’s primary area of expertise is in geographical biology but he has travelled to the arctic to conduct environmental experiments, as seen in the image above.

Whether you’re a firm believer or someone who isn’t sold on climate change being real, the talk will provide an interesting insight into the changing ecology of the Earth. The Earth’s weather patterns change constantly and, with only 100 years of research under our belts, the debate is still very much up in the air as to whether or not humans have anything to do with changing weather.

The talk takes place at Chappell House on the Riverwood Conservancy, from 7:00 PM until 8:30 PM, and registration can be completed at the event website.