Canada’s annual Carry The Light Convention returns the Mississauga on October 6th and 7th!

The festival will take place at the International Centre this coming Saturday and Sunday, and aims to be a continuation of the great work done in previous years.

If you’ve never been to the Carry The Light Convention, it’s essentially an event designed to bring communities together and inspire “Muslims to implement the true spirit of Islam in their lives”.

“The convention provides a platform for highly talented and intelligent Muslims by organizing various exhibitions in the areas of Education, Finance, Art, Medical and Health, Sports, Literature, etc.

“The convention is geared towards the youth and families featuring prominent speakers and activities under one roof at an affordable cost.

“The purpose of this convention is to provide avenues for Muslim Community in Canada for personal excellence in faith, worship and morality. It is also a platform to share the basis for moral, social and economic development of Canada with Canadian society at large.”

Carry The Light 2018 will feature renowned speakers from across the world, a grand bazaar, a Sisters Session, and it is a family friendly event, with games and activities for kids. There will also be a matrimonial event, which can help you prepare for your wedding!

The festival takes place on October 6th and 7th at 6900 Airport Road. You can choose to volunteer at the event, so register at this link before it’s too late! Tickets can be purchased at this link, and Mississauga’s vast Muslim community is encouraged to come and celebrate Islamic culture!