Marijuana has been legal in Canada for over a year. Recently we took a look back at the past year, as well as discussing where and when you can buy edibles in Mississauga. As we mention in those pieces, marijuana has only been legal for a year and there has been some growing pains, as well as changing opinions and attitudes for the people in Canada.

When the country passed Bill C-45 last year, that made it legal for citizens to consume and grow marijuana. That’s right, it is entirely legal for you to grow up to four weed plants in your home, apartment, or condo.

Real estate website, Zoocasa, recently conducted a survey on a few thousand Canadians and asked them about their opinions in regards to weed. The results of said survey yielded some interesting facts.

Zoocasa found that Canadians aren’t bothered about having a dispensary in their neighbourhood – despite the fact that it’s currently not legal for Mississauga business owners to open a private dispensary – nor are they concerned that the value of their homes will diminish in the instance of a nearby dispensary.

Perhaps more interestingly though, Zoocasa found that most homeowners and landlords are uncomfortable with tenants growing and smoking in their property. In fact, as much as 55% of people suggested they would consider charging tenants based on potential property damage from all the smoke. That said, 43% admitted they were unsure of what rules they were and were not legally allowed to enforce.

So it appears that attitudes towards cannabis growth and consumption are slowly changing but some trepidation still persists, perhaps rightfully so. Only time will tell how these things will affect apartment spaces, not just in regards to the pungent smell but also with long-term wall discolouring etc. These are a few of the many things that will continue to reshape our city in the coming years.