What can you say about ”Man’s Best Friend”? Well actually you can say quite a bit when we are talking about the four legged companions who very often become friends – even the best one – for many human beings. The reason? In all honesty there isn’t just one, there are many.

The Museums of Mississauga is not only exploring the relationship between dog and man (and by “man” we mean humans, yes, women included as well) but the benefits of a specific type of dog – Service Dogs. This free exhibition – Beyond Sit & Stay – will demonstrate that there is more to dogs than the basic commands (“sit” & “stay”) that they are often given.

As stated “this exhibition takes the point of view that the working relationship between a service dog and its handler is built on deep personal connections”. You can say that coming up with these relationships is akin to matchmaking as the partnership is conducive on pairing the correct dog with the correct person for the job which in turn will “provide very real and substantial networks on our community”.

There are many lessons that Beyond plans to convey to the public:

-that service dogs are not pieces of equipment molded once and passed from person to person to complete a task

-dogs and handlers always work as partners

-skills, goals and personalities are matched through careful evaluations and training

-relationship is always a work in progress so that their bond of trust and level of skill will be completely reliable when they come under pressure on the job

This event is owned, produced & designed by Halton Regions and is presented in partnership with the Museums of Mississauga.


Sunday – Saturday from 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM


It will run until Thursday, November 22, 2018, which is the day the exhibition will conclude.


Benares Historic House in the Visitor Centre

For more information you can contact



And you can find them online at:


So if you do take the time to come out to the Beyond – Exhibition, in all likelihood, there’s a strong possibility you will come realizing there is much more to these dogs than “sit & stay”.