The much-anticipated airplane viewing area at Danville Park officially opened September 29th thanks to generous financial contributions by Pearson International Airport.

Tucked in behind an industrial park off Kennedy Road seems an unlikely place for this park but the sites elevation is vital for this park. Towering 25 metres above the surrounding area, the parks height provides airplane enthusiasts a view down onto the runways at Pearson for a view of takeoffs, landings and general viewing of planes and airport operations.

It’s a good hike up the hill to the viewing platform but is lined with several park benches if you need to take your time. While it is an accessible path, it’s not really suited for bikes or high-heels.

Once at the top, the viewing platform itself is shaded thanks to a plane shaped awning that provides a great location for viewing. I suggest bringing your own binoculars to enhance your experience.  While there are plans for viewfinders, having your own binoculars means you won’t have to wait your turn.

The second half of the park consists of 4 covered picnic areas and a great flat field at parking lot elevation. The field was designed with Mississauga’s growing interest in the game of cricket in mind and will be a great site for tournament play next season.

Another exciting thing about Danville Park is that it has been created with winter fun in mind too.  The elevation makes for a great toboggan hill for families, which has been acknowledged by the designers.

Planning for the park has been in the works for a while.  In 2016 the GTAA put forth possible designs for the park to the community looking for feedback and the winning theme of Aviation history.  Construction began earlier this year.