The Christmas season is in full swing but sometimes it can be had to think of things to do. Especially if you have a job and kids. Free time is a luxury but you shouldn’t spend it stuck inside and doing the same old routine.

We want to guide you in the direction of 5 fun things to do in Mississauga this holiday season! There’s a little something for everyone in this list, so make sure you get out and do at least one!

Go Shopping

Starting with the obvious one. Shopping is, basically, an essential element of Christmas. If you head to Square One, Dixie, Erin Mills, or Heartland, this month, you’re sure to be a little taken aback but the sheer volume of people in the stores.

The anarchy of Christmas shopping can be a huge detriment to some folks but if you put on an ugly sweater, sing along to the music, and embrace the madness wholly, we swear you’ll have a good time. Also, if you can set aside just a little money to buy yourself something you’ve had your eye on, you’ll love it even more!