Summer is well and truly here and that means school is over for until September. Sending the kids to school all year sorta creates this sense of schedule and an understanding between you and your little one(s) that, for a few hours everyday, you’ll be apart. It’s a healthy thing for you and your children,

Now we know you love your children, of course you do, but you’re only human and you’re gonna need some time to yourself, either to relax, or get one of those two dozen tasks finally completed. So why not send your kid(s) to one of Mississauga’s many summer camps? It’s a great way for your to get some me-time, and a way for the children to have fun, learn something, and be cared for in a safe environment. Honestly it’s a win-win. Well, we’ve made it easy for you to find a suitable summer camp for your and your little one.