Let’s be frank (unless you are Frank, in which case…be someone else), most couples do the exact same thing for Valentine’s Day: pay exorbitant fees for a classy meal and exchange rather meaningless gifts. Well, isn’t it time you break tradition and do something a little different this year?

We here at YourSauga are all about breaking out of your comfort zone and experience all that this city has to offer. Why go to another restaurant and get the same type of meal you did last year? Why not branch out and try something completely different? Something that could cost a lot less and be a lot more fun? Remember, variety is the spice of life and it’s important to keep surprising your partner with new things to do.

So let’s not fall into a routine of monotony, let’s do something brand new this February 14th! The following is five unique date night idea’s for you and yours this year, and we guarantee there will be something for everyone!

Cook Together

We’re starting off really simple, and this one doesn’t even require you to leave the house.

Paying for a nice meal at a nice restaurant is great, it really is, but it’s also quite impersonal and pedestrian. Why not spend a full evening together, trying to cook your own fancy meal, and chilling out afterwards?

Cooking is fun. Maybe the two of you can decide on a meal type the day before and go buy all of the ingredients you’ll need. Then you can put on some nice music, get some nice drinks flowing, and cook together. Even if neither of you have the first idea about cooking, even if the meal goes completely awry, we guarantee it will still be a great experience. Just make sure you have the local pizza place’s number on hand, just in case you need an emergency back-up.