Mississauga is the sixth most populated city in Canada, with one of the most ethnically diverse populations in Canada, and probably North America. With over 50% of the population being recent immigrants. As of a couple years ago the city was completely debt free, an economic feat that seems almost impossible in this modern world. With that in mind, we’re going to take a deep dive into the reasons why Mississauga needs a CFL team.

1A Starter Stadium Is Available

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With the Paramount Fine Foods centre already playing host to both the OHL’s Mississauga Steelheads and the NBA G League’s Raptors 905 team. What this means is that the stadium already has a proven track record for handling crowds of large sizes. Especially with recent surge in Raptors basketball bringing in more fans in the stadium can handle the capacity required by many of the die hard CFL fans. This could also lead to a further expanded stadium, once a fanbase has been established.

2Creates A Rivalry 

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Creating a CFL team for the city of Mississauga brings with it the potential opportunity to generate increased buzz in the league. As the Argos seem a world away for many in Mississauga, there is not a true sense of the Toronto team being an entity that Mississauga residents can connect with. With a Mississauga team, the prospects change entirely, as it creates plenty of opportunity for the battle of the GTA. Many may not want to admit it, but there is an unspoken rivalry between the suburb cities and Toronto. For many being able to watch this play out on the field might be a great way to introduce new people to the sport.

3A Large, Diverse Population

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As mentioned in the earlier, Mississauga is the 6th most populous city in Canada with over 50% being immigrants. What this means is the CFL can start introducing the game to those who may not actually be familiar with the game of football (or American football as it is known internationally). With that in mind, having a team creates opportunities to provide those weekly family events that are needed in the area.

4A Stable Economic Situation

With Mississauga currently working on a number of large scale housing projects to meet the projected population growth within the city. Not to mention that the city is one of the few with a reduced amount of debt compared to many others within Ontario. This means that there are always opportunities to improve the infrastructure needed to host larger entertainment spaces. This would also allow for more of a stable situation for potential owners looking to expand into the city, as it would provide an easier dialogue with the government.